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Books For Palestine

A toolkit and database of pro-Palestinian books activists can use for promotion

Digital Palestine

Connecting Palestinian freelancers with global opportunities through a secure and seamless platform.

First Aid For Gaza

To teach lay people in Gaza basic first aid skills that they can use to save lives until victims reach a hospital or a p...

Genocide Club

a website that shows the statements from proponents of Israel over time and contrasts those statements with the cumulati...

Global Elections Pressure Campaign Tools

We need to make it easier for pro Palestinian campaignsers to have data to target people to elect pro Palestinian repres...

Instagram Filters

Instagram filters for users to show that we: demand a ceasefire, stand in solidarity with Palestine, ack the IOF's targe...

Media Bias Meter

Website to analyze bias in mainstream media

Pal Chat

Creating a chat-bot that informs about Palestine with accurate and factual information sourced from authoritative docume...

Palestine Love

There are a million wonderful Palestine-related resources out there. We aim to create a database of Palestine-related re...

Pro Palestine Network

One website that have a directory for all individuals and orginzations around the globe who work for Palestine and expos...

TFP Datasets

Datasets relevant to the ongoing human catastrophe in Palestine since October 7

TFP Consumer Boycott Data

Gold source of boycott data

TFP Ecosystem Map

Map of tech ecosystem in Palestine

TFP Factcheckers

A community to ensure that those social posts directing people to are visible to the algorithm and rea...

TFP Github Badges

Badges supporting Palestine that you can add to your repos

TFP Oct7factcheck

A thoroughly researched resource of claims pertaining to the events of October 7.

TFP Profile Pic Maker

Add Palestine flag to profile picture

TFP Reddit Collaboration

TFP Stack Exchange Collaboration

TFP Talks Slides

TFP Tech Alternatives

TFP VC LP Relationships

Investigating the relationship between VCs and LPs such as Gulf funds and union pension funds, to see if it's possible t...

TFP VC Pressure Campaign

TFP Website Banner

A banner for websites, blogs, etc, supporting Palestine

TFP Wikipedia Collaboration

TFP X Community Notes Collaboration

Verified Petition

Wix Blocker

Web browser extension that blocks the browser from loading websites created on