Let's make tech a driving force for Palestinian freedom and liberation

Technology should disrupt the status quo - not serve it. For decades, the narrative about Palestine has been shaped by selective historical accounts and an occupying force that restricts access to the reality of on the ground. The community at Tech for Palestine is shifting the conversation towards equality and justice, by cultivating a garden of projects and services that shut down genocidal speech, enable people to speak up for Palestinian freedom, scale Palestinian activism with technology, and cultivate fierce advocates for Palestine within the Tech community.

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Who we are

A loose coalition of 5,000+ founders, engineers, product marketers, community builders, investors, and other tech folks working towards Palestinian freedom.

What we do

To harness a global community of skilled professionals united in their unwavering support of Palestine and the Palestinian diaspora, in order to disrupt conventional narratives, capture systems of power, and accelerate pro-Palestine organizing and public awareness efforts both online and offline.